1OPTIC Roadmap

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This is an overview of 1OPTIC’s plans for 2022 and future long-term goals. Our development roadmap is primarily based on feedback and feature requests, so read, comment, and share with your colleagues to let us know what your team expects from 1OPTIC this year.

IT Solutions Tilburg - 1Optic Roadmap
1OPTIC Roadmap 2021-2023

Improvements of 2021

We’ve updated a lot of things, but the most notable two are described below.

Single Sign-On

In an ever-changing IT landscape where new threats arise without notice, we want to support your existing and proven single-sign-on solutions. This removes the hassle for users to log in to yet another system to just do their daily jobs. It also reduces the burden for administrators by simplifying the onboarding process for new users.


Ever-growing data sets and the continued trend of virtualization require the decoupling of the growth of the data set from the size of the underlying hardware platform. The new sharding functionality will enable horizontal scaling to remove the classic hardware-tied boundaries of the database. This also allows for the quick and easy expansion of a deployment using virtual resources when the need arises.

Roadmap goals for 2022

2022 brings loads of new developments to the 1OPTIC platform! We have plenty more ideas for improvement beyond 2022 but will focus us on the 2022 goals for now.

KPI Manager

A new GUI will be created that allows end-users to create their own KPIs that will be automatically executed and precalculated in the powerful ETL engine. This empowers the user to create complex calculations that still result in highly responsive dashboards. It also allows for sharing that data with coworkers.

Cloud Native

With the arrival of cloud-native support, our platform will be more flexible in the scaling options on both the private and the public cloud. Elastic, demand-driven scaling will reduce maintenance and planning costs for your dynamic network.

BI Interface

New abstractions aiming at business-standard BI suites make it easy for users to connect their favorite BI tool to any new and existing 1OPTIC deployments.

1OPTIC Client (2022-2023)

The new web GUI for displaying counter data and handover relations in a highly interactive and responsive GIS viewer. The newest WebGL technologies allow for latency- and distraction-free investigation of the geospatial data.

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