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Machine Learning Company

The Challenge

This company’s data science team ensures delivering the right information by working with a variety of data to develop advanced visualizations and improve business outcomes.

Unfortunately, their data scientists had to spend most of their time on organizing and cleaning the data. They also had to continuously collect the data themselves.

This took about 70% of their time, meaning the actual time they could spend on real data science like building training sets, modeling/machine learning and things like refining algorithms was only done in 30% of their time.

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    IT Solutions Tilburg - The solution

    The Solution

    Hendrikx ITC investigated the daily tasks of the Data Scientists and discovered their time-consuming struggle with data management tasks. Data had to be cleaned and structured manually by the data scientists.

    We understood the challenge they were facing and together, we decided to implement some of our advanced data processing software solutions. These solutions enable the data scientists to perform the tasks they really should be doing by removing the time-consuming manual actions of data collecting, data cleaning and data structuring.

    With our software solutions, they are now able to quickly access and collect the cleaned data they need in a structured way, improving their efficiency by having more time to spend on developing models and visualizations.

    The ease of use facilitates the integration of data through the company and encourages the data scientists to focus on valuable processes and improving business results.

    “The extensive data knowledge of Hendrikx ITC has exceeded our expectations. They have provided us with a lot of flexibility and neatly guided us during the whole project. Shortly after using their software solutions, our data scientists created dashboards I could not have thought of before. The willingness of our team to adopt the software is something I have not experienced before.”

    Sr. Data Science Manager – Machine Learning Company

    The Result

    The company’s data scientists now have up to 70% of their time available for true data scientist tasks by using some of our software solutions.

    They are able to deliver new models and visualizations weeks earlier than they used to. Innovation is thriving because there is simply more time available in the team. The required data is being cleaned, collected and structured automatically.

    We are currently collaborating on new ideas, such as managing the analytics from a predictive level to a prescriptive level.

    IT Solutions Tilburg - the result


    Data scientists wasted 70% of their time on data collection and management

    Structured, cleaned data is now available in seconds instead of many days’ work
    Data scientists are now focusing on their core tasks such as building training sets and refining algorithms
    Ease of use and data scientist engagement has increased productivity and creativity

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