Major Telco Company

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The Challenge

This Dutch CSP’s RAN network team is responsible for network quality by continuously monitoring the network performance. This includes all counters of the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks. The legacy software that was employed at the time could not handle the tremendous increase of volume and velocity of data generated, forcing data sampling that is causing incorrect assumptions.

There was a serious need for a high-performance data processing platform with massive scalability.


Moreover, business decisions drove them to swap vendor in their existing network and the current solution was incapable of comparing multiple vendors in a single dashboard.

The Solution

1OPTIC enables the communication service provider to process all counters of their PM, CM and FM data in near real-time for all generations currently employed in their networks (2G, 3G, 4G and 5G). 1OPTIC supports multi-vendor networks, which allowed the CSP to swap their network hardware. Besides, they could keep monitoring their entire network performance and maintain their high network quality standards.

The team can now instantly view custom KPI’s and easily access integrated dashboards among all generations and vendors. The team is able to switch from dashboard overview to single data point in a matter of seconds. Terabytes of data are easily processed with the massive scalability the 1OPTIC platform provides.

“The ability to combine all counters and generations into a single dashboard is something we never held for possible. Our team can now easily monitor total network performance and we have seen a huge increase in network reliability. Besides, swapping our network was not as hard as we expected since we could easily compare the performance of both networks simultaneously and fix issues where required. This insight proved invaluable for us to ensure our high standards.”

Sr. Radio Access Engineer  – Major Telco company

The Result

Dashboard reporting is now down to (near) real-time, allowing engineers to spot problems way earlier than the previous situation. They no longer have to view network performance in different dashboards but now easily have it all integrated into a single pane of glass.

The network swapping is going swiftly and issues can be fixed and spotted at a very early stage. This Telco provider is now exploring additional network optimization solutions with us to improve workflow management and combat alarm fatigue.

Legacy software analytics solution could not handle the volume and complexity of network
Network performance now measured in near real-time
Engineers are now able to spot issues and trends rapidly
Vendor swap monitoring is made easier with performance insights across mobile generations and all counters, allowing before and after analyses
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