Dashboard offer February

Read more about the exclusive offer of February!

Fancy your own custom dashboard? Time to act on reliable and real-time insights! We currently have an exclusive offer for the month of February. The price has been halved temporarily, resulting in a custom dashboard starting at just €495,-! Don’t miss out on the opportunity and contact us today for your personal quote.

IT Solutions Tilburg - Dashboard offer February
Dashboard offer February

How does it work?

Good question!

Dashboards often involve customization. As a result, it differs per customer how we build and deliver the dashboards. Usually, the process consists of at least these 3 steps;

1: Intake

We get to know you and work out your wishes and requirements together. We discuss things like the tool you prefer, and things like offline (PowerBI, Tableau, Data Studio) and online reporting (Grafana, Prometheus).  Based on this, you will receive a free quote from us.

2: Exploration

We look at your data sources and which ones are possible or required. If it is necessary to link a database to it, that is no problem, we have been building advanced databases for more than 20 years. We make the connections and ensure that the performance and quality are in order. We then ensure that the data sources are linked to your dashboard.

3: Completion

You will receive the dashboard as desired. Do you have any feedback?  On closer inspection, are there still things that need to be added or adjusted?  No problem, we can arrange all that for you!

If you still want updates after the completion, we are of course ready for you.

So that is how you can profit from a huge discount today!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Happy dashboarding!