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Data Platform

When getting the most out of data, organizations face serious challenges. Especially when an organization has multiple data sources generating valuable data, things get complicated. That’s when Hendrikx ITC comes into the picture.

Our many years of business and data understanding allowed us to develop 1OPTIC. An intelligent platform with blazingly fast speeds and game-changing data processing techniques.

Fully designed with modularity in mind, 1OPTIC features smart modules which can be implemented both separately and combined.

Modular platform

The 1OPTIC modules vary from data discovery, collecting, and processing all the way to creating custom dashboards with advanced KPIs at real-time speeds. Discover your module(s) below!

IT Solutions Tilburg - 1OPTIC Data Collection

Module 1

Collect data

IT Solutions Tilburg - 1OPTIC Data Processing

Module 2

Process data

IT Solutions Tilburg - 1OPTIC Data Enrichment

Module 3

Enrich data

IT Solutions Tilburg - 1OPTIC Data Visualization 2

Module 4

Visualize data


And this is not where it stops. 1OPTIC has much more to offer. Get in in touch with us to explore new possibilities.