The risks of data science

Data science is momenteel sterk in opkomst.

Data science is currently on the rise.

It makes it possible to distill information from large amounts of data and makes connections that previously could not be made. The possibilities seem endless. Yet there are risks associated with data science. For example, the information used for analysis may be confidential in nature or contain personal data. It is therefore important to set up the processes surrounding data science in such a way that there is sufficient control in place to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Hendrikx ITC helps organizations to unlock and combine data sources and also has the right knowledge and experience to do this in a controlled way. In accordance with the AVG, combining data sets or matching is a high-risk processing for which a DPIA is mandatory. We have the expertise in drafting a DPIA, implementing control measures and organizing supervision in the form of (internal) audits.

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