Duurzaamheid is een term die de laatste jaren vaak gebruikt wordt door ondernemers.

Sustainability is a term often used by entrepreneurs in recent years.

Almost always it is about corporate social responsibility (CSR). Well-known elements of CSR are social involvement, respect for the environment and society and the standards and values that a company stands for. These items are often applied to business operations and production of goods, but they can also be applied to software development and management. Two examples.

Vendor lock-in

Vendor lock-in is the situation in which suppliers deliberately make customers dependent on them. Once engaging with a vendor that pursues vendor lock-in, it is very difficult and costly for the customer to extend the vendor’s systems with new technology (from other vendors). An example of vendor lock-in is that the format in which data is stored is not open. This means that the data can only be read with the software of the vendor lock-in supplier. This means that the data cannot be read by software from other vendors. Vendor lock-in is not sustainable. It keeps customers tied to suppliers, drives up costs and stifles innovation. The use of open (source) solutions, on the other hand, prevents vendor lock-in and stimulates innovation. Because of the open nature, the customer remains in control. The deployment of new, innovative technology is not hampered by restrictive licenses. All Hendrikx ITC solutions are open and sustainable: vendor lock-in is not an issue.


Whenever I come across a minor spelling error in a text or source code, the author’s response is often: “You know what is meant. There’s no need to correct that, is there?”. Putting energy into correcting spelling and typing errors seems like a superfluous luxury at first. Until you are dealing with source code that has been around for several years and you need to search for a passage based on a particular term. Or you want to retrieve an email from 5 years ago based on a certain term that is still vaguely in your memory. Spelling errors can cost you a lot of time because you can’t find things quickly anymore. Therefore, in the context of ‘Be nice to your future self’ it is always useful to use a spelling checker and correct spelling errors. By paying serious attention to spelling, the sustainability of the systems you work with increases a little.