A glimpse into the kitchen

Ruim een jaar geleden hebben we bij Hendrikx ITC ons nieuwe kantoorpand betrokken en recentelijk is de nieuwe keuken in gebruik genomen.
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Over a year ago we moved into our new office building at Hendrikx ITC and recently the new kitchen was put into use.

A good moment to give you a glance into the kitchen of our company.

What does the new kitchen look like and how does it translate into the identity of Hendrikx ITC?


It goes without saying that it is an open kitchen in which multifunctionality and quality meet.

As soon as you enter our office, you already have one foot in the kitchen. Durable, without too many frills and usable in many ways.

No walls, but frameworks, but in direct connection with the environment.

Open Source

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Open source is something special for us, so is our beer!

Many special beers are visible in our refrigerator, which, like our software, shows what happens behind the scenes. Different vendors with their best qualities standing side by side on the same platform. Not tied to a vendor or a solution, the beer also shows our informal character, which especially puts “together” in the spotlight.

Sometimes on the outside there’s not much need for what’s going on under the hood, as long as it works. In addition to the beer fridge, there is also the ordinary built-in fridge, which clearly demonstrates that this is also important to us. No fuss and does what it needs to do, but if you really want to know, this door can also be opened at any time and it automatically reveals what is happening on the inside.


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When we shine a light on something we do it to suit the need. As with the refrigerator, the rest of the lighting is also an example of what we understand by quality.

Solid, well-founded and firm conclusions are important to us but are presented in a soft way, as can be seen in the hanging lamps above the bar: Strong lamps, soft light.

In other cases, it is more important to see a variety of possibilities, as in the lamps above the kitchen worktop, where even with minimal imagination, you can really see everything.


Both the combination microwave and the Cooker show that we consider combining applications important.

Heating with different methods, from microwaves to grill and from cold to boiling water. If you prefer filtered hot water, you also have the choice of hot water from the coffee machine. Our water flows as versatile and cleanly as our data streams.

That the kitchen can also be used as a workstation combines our conviviality with our zeal in multi-purpose applications.

Most Local Coffee

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Niet alleen kunnen wij vanaf ons kantoor bij de branderij binnen

Not only can we see into the roastery from our office across the tracks, they are also called Locals!

This ensures short lines of communication and shows our personal connection to our partners.

The owner, a former IT guy roasts great coffee of good and consistent quality based on automated sensor data, trend prediction and value thresholds.

In other words, exactly our cup of coffee.


In order to innovate effectively and sustainably, the basis must first be in order. This kitchen is just that: a good basis for combining future innovations in a sustainable way.

The design and the FSC wood allow all kinds of sensors, gadgets and new gadgets to be mounted easily. In the future we therefore expect to implement developments that will make the average science fiction film obsolete.

You walk through the doors at Hendrikx ITC and automatically your favorite music starts, the light is adjusted to your preference and a hologram of your favorite pet brings your perfect cup of coffee. The floating armchair will then take you to the meeting room. See you soon!