GIS with Leaflet

Hendrikx ITC gebruikt graag Leaflet. Maar wat is het precies?

Hendrikx ITC likes to use Leaflet. But what is it exactly?

Leaflet is a Javascript library developed by Vladimir Agafonkin. He has a lot of experience developing GIS (Geographic Information System) software.

The origin

The developments on Leaflet started because he felt that there were no good open source alternatives available to develop web-based map applications. Mainly alternatives that were aimed at the mobile market. There were competitors such as Openlayers, but they were often too heavy for a mobile browser at the time. These libraries used too much bandwidth which often left a user dependent on mobile internet bundle in trouble.

Simple and fast

Omdat Leaflet zo simplistisch is ontwikkeld heeft het snel een groeiende community opgebouwd. De eerste updates volgenden elkaar in het begin in hoog tempo op, veel fouten die bij de cBecause Leaflet was developed so simplistically, it quickly built a growing community. The first updates followed each other at a rapid pace in the beginning, many bugs that remained with competitors were quickly fixed here by a group of fanatical developers. In addition, the library can remain so small because during the development a lot of thought was given to possibilities for developers to extend the product themselves without sacrificing speed.


To get started with Leaflet yourself, it is helpful to have some knowledge of Javascript and HTML. Other skills can help but are not necessary to develop a simple geographic web application. The library possesses all the necessities to build a full-fledged web-based map on which information can be presented.

Our application

Within Hendrikx ITC we like to make use of Leaflet. It allows us to present various geographical data streams in a simple way. Because Leaflet is so small and flexible, it offers many possibilities without compromising on performance. For us Leaflet is the first choice in software solutions like our GIS Viewer, but we also use it as a dashboard panel in Grafana.

Author: Danny Vriens (DevOps Engineer, Hendrikx ITC)