IT auditor prevent vulnerabilities in your software

Als IT-auditor onderzoekt u de effectiviteit van beheersmaatregelen binnen organisaties.

As an IT auditor, you investigate the effectiveness of control measures within organizations.

One of the things you examine is the security of the software used or developed. You will often check whether the software has been updated with the most recent patches and updates. This is to prevent software from containing vulnerabilities that could be harmful to the organization.

No support for Pyhton1

But what if the software used can no longer be provided with updates and patches. This can occur when the software in question is written in Python version 2. As of January 1, 2020, support for the Python 2 programming language has expired. Applications that are not migrated to Python version 3 are at risk of becoming vulnerable.

Has your organization already migrated?

It is therefore important to determine whether organizations have already completed the migration from Python 2 or have already started this. A first step in this respect can be to ask (IT) management whether Python-based software may be used and to draw their attention to the possible risks.

Migrating Python 2 software is more than running a simple migration script and should be done in a controlled manner. This is especially true when this software is used in conjunction with an organization’s crown jewels. Migrating needs to be done in a controlled manner.

Webinar Python 2 to 3 migratie

Hendrikx ITC is organizing a webinar that will address these issues. During the webinar we will discuss the migration of Python 2 source code itself but also how this can be done in a controlled way. Want to sign up for the webinar? Mail to: