IT administrator: how to migrate from python 2 to Python 3?

Als IT beheerder is het altijd zoeken naar een zo efficiënt mogelijke combinatie van software die de functionaliteiten biedt die de organisatie nodig heeft.

As an IT administrator, it is always a search for the most efficient combination of software that provides the functionalities the organization needs.

Custom software is often used for critical processes. Stable platforms and frameworks play an important role in this. By stability we can mean that the software does not often go down due to technical problems, but this also includes knowing that patches for security or other problems are delivered on time. After all, this allows you to ensure stability in the future as well.

What if one of those platforms no longer comes with guarantees of updates and patches?

That is what we are currently dealing with in the case of Python 2.x and therefore all software based on it. There is no support for this version of the language since January 1, 2020. The ecosystem of libraries for this version of Python is also coming to a halt. All software written in Python that is not yet compatible with version 3.x of this language will therefore no longer have a stable platform.

If you have purchased the software you are using from a third party, then you can ask for the latest version that does support Python 3.x. If the software was developed in-house, or if you had it developed by a third party, then you will have to arrange for the software to be compatible with a supported version of Python.

Using a new version of a language does not sound complicated, but because profound design choices were made for Python 3.x, this is far from trivial. In addition, there is always the question of whether the software libraries used and chosen when developing the software have kept up with the times. Dealing with the nuances of the changing language and issues with dependencies that have not been updated requires specialist knowledge.

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