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Hendrikx ITC & IT Security Tilburg

Chances are that you have seen Hendrikx ITC and IT Security Tilburg mentioned next to each other. In this article, we will tell you more about the relationship between them.

IT Security Tilburg was founded in 2021 by Ad Hendrikx and Frans Pijnenborg. It has come into existence as a joint venture between Hendrikx ITC and DPO Partner. Both Frans Pijnenborg and Ad Hendrikx saw an incremental amount of companies that are being targeted by cybercriminals. As an answer to this alarming increase, they decided to bundle forces and start with IT Security Tilburg.


What is offered with IT Security Tilburg?

When dealing with issues related to IT security and the prevention of cybercrime, dangers often exist from two angles.

One angle is vulnerabilities in software. With Hendrikx ITC’s knowledge of software development, data collection, data storage, and data processing, value is added in solving (software) vulnerabilities after being scanned by IT Security Tilburg’s advanced Vulnerability Scan. This way, customers can rely on a professional IT company to help them fix outstanding issues and stay secure to prevent cybercrime.

The other angle is often privacy, information security, and trust-related. Companies work more digitally connected than ever before and thus have higher cybercrime risks. DPO Partner is specialized in the protection of personal data and organizational optimizations. This could range from implementing privacy policies for employees to consulting on the storage of personal data and other privacy-sensitive information.

With the combined strength of the companies, IT Security Tilburg is able to help organizations have a  grip on their IT Security.

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