Attention! Support Python 2 end of life.

Python is een programmeertaal die aan de basis ligt van veel bedrijfsapplicaties.

Python is a programming language that underlies many enterprise applications.

Therefore, this blog post may also be relevant to your organization. On the Python website you can read that support for Python 2 has ended as of April 2020. This means that the volunteers behind the Python language will no longer make improvements to version 2, even in the case of serious vulnerabilities discovered now and in the future.

How do you find out if your applications are written in Python 2?

The best way to find out is to ask your IT department or your IT supplier.

What risks do you face as an organization when using Python 2?

Gradually, more and more security problems will become known for this Python version, and updates will no longer be issued for these security problems. Your Python 2-based software will therefore become a potential target for hackers and the maintainability of existing source code will become problematic. It is therefore advisable to name these risks in your periodic risk inventory so that they receive sufficient attention in your information security process.

What can you do if your organization is still using Python 2 now and in what timeframe?

It is important to migrate your Python 2 source code to Python 3 and in the short term. Hendrikx ITC can support you with this migration. Please contact us, together we will discuss the steps to be taken. Or register for our free webinar on 15 October from 15.30-16.30 hrs. Sign up at: