Management information in a rapidly changing world

Je ontvangt wekelijks managementinformatie op basis van bestaande bronnen uit de organisatie.

You receive weekly management information based on existing sources from the organization.

With this you steer the organization on quality and KPIs. Times and markets are changing rapidly. The figures lag behind or you have the feeling that you are not growing sufficiently with the market. What is needed is a better and deeper understanding of the market potential for the organization. But then data from different sources has to be combined to arrive at the right insight.

Data science is an emerging field of knowledge for getting more out of big data. Before this is possible, data from different sources must be processed to create structured data from “raw data”. We call this Data Science Enabling. The need for information and associated purpose is co-determined to take the right actions in the “raw data” so that you can work with your data scientist(s) later.

This Data Science Enabling encompasses 70% of the Data Science work that everyone talks about. This in itself is a specialized field that Hendrikx ITC specializes in.

Want to know more about how “raw data” is made suitable for Data Science?

On Wednesday, November 4 from 11.00 – 12.00 Hendrikx ITC organizes a webinar on this subject. Sign up at: