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Minerva ETL

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Our open, PostgreSQL based, in-house developed ETL solution Minerva ETL is designed for parsing, processing and publishing all kinds of (big) data.


Due to its modular and open setup is easy to design and deploy a robust, high-performance fully fledged ETL platform based on of the shelf components like:

  • data harvesters for parsing and ingesting data
  • aggregation modules for default time aggregation
  • kpi modules for advanced KPI calculation
  • rule based trigger modules for monitoring anomalies etc
  • GIS modules for displaying data on maps

Minerva ETL has been deployed for small scaled citizen science IoT projects, processing data of tens of sensors, but also for tier one telecom operator environments for real-time collecting and processing multi-vendor network wide performance and fault management data, generated by hundred of thousands of network elements.

Due to its open and modular design Minerva ETL is an excellent base solution for building advanced data analytics platforms and roll out advanced machine learning algorithms.

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