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TripAiku prevents alarm fatigue

TripAiku is an open-source alarm management and workflow management solution. It helps you to eliminate the risks that can be associated with alarm fatigue, as well as improve efficiency for the end users such as engineers or managers.

Imagine having an advanced network setup or NOC (Networks Operation Center) that features over 500 data elements. Many important events can be registered in your data, but you want to focus on the events that truly matter. It is very costly to waste time trying to find the most important events when you can automate this process.

This is where TripAiku helps you, because our advanced algorithm helps you to prioritize tickets in a workflow management system.

How does TripAiku work?

After pre-defining rules, TripAiku can continuously monitor irregularities (e.g. failures, overloads) and also discover trends between the incoming datastreams. When a trend is showing irregularities, a trigger is being released which creates a notification.

TripAiku is able to generate these independently or to collect them from other systems such as alarm systems. The sum of relevant notifications is bundled in a ticket. The ticket can then be processed in a workflow management system. This could either be your existing workflow management system or we can help you with choosing and implementing a suitable system.

The real added value of TripAiku here is to let the end user work as efficient as possible. This is achieved by saving time to look for trends themselves, preventing alarm fatigue and save time by implementing our unique ticket auto-closing mechanism.

TripAiku features 

TripAiku is an innovative workflow management solution that enables rule-based triggering and can be integrated with your existing workflow management system. It can be configured to your preferences if you want and can be applied to many businesses, for example the telecom industry, IoT networks or healthcare. Practically any business that has a network or workflow management system can benefit from TripAiku.

We have developed several clever and unique features to enhance your workflow management about which you can read more below.

Ticket prioritization

We have developed a strong algorithm using advanced 2-stage weighing and clustering. One of the features is that it allows tickets that have been unattended for a longer time to automatically become increasingly important. A ticket can also be weighed heavier as the problem is continuing. By using this mechanism, users of the workflow management system are not bothered with irrelevant notifications but rather the notifications that truly matter. It also ensures that the correct employee is updated, both faster and more precisely.

Multi-vendor support

There can be many reasons why you currently have a multi-vendor network. Whether you are migrating your current networks to another vendor or prefer to not fully depend on one vendor, our software has your back. Your whole network can all be linked with TripAiku. This is partly due to the fact that we have open-source software that accepts data from every possible data source.

Autoclose tickets

Many engineers will be familiar with alert fatigue or experience this on a daily basis. When you are monitoring a network with software, it unfortunately happens all too often that notifications pop up that have no high priority. TripAiku solves this problem because it automatically closes the tickets that are no longer interesting for you to see due to changes. Doing this process manually could also prove time consuming and allow you to lose your focus on the important tickets.

Context support

Once a notification or ticket pops up in your workflow management system, it is important to understand the context of the notification. If you only receive a fault or error that tells you that something happened, but the context is missing, it will be a time-consuming process to let an engineer find out the context and source of fault manually.

TripAiku connects the context with the fault to provide you with clear and concise information. This reduces alarm fatigue by removing the need to search among many possible contexts and alerts.

Pairing possibilities

Our software solutions like TripAiku can be paired with other important systems due to our open-source structure. Your company might truly benefit from a map view to show you where a ticket or alarm occurs. For example, we can connect TripAiku with a GIS viewer to provide essential context.

The benefit of the pairing is that you get an open-source ecosystem where innovation is thriving and implementation speed can be reduced, leading to an increase in cost-effectiveness.

Integration of existing workflow systems

Due to the open-source architecture of our solutions, TripAiku can integrate many different data sources but also output notifications to different workflow management systems. One of our personal favorites is Jetbrains’ Youtrack, which is also open-source and allows for an efficient integration. If you want to know whether TripAiku works for your current solution, feel free to contact us.

Other features

Besides the previously described features, TripAiku can also automatically or manually assign people or teams to manage outstanding issues. Viewing alarm history information and accumulating a knowledge base on your network or sensors is also possible. If you need a specific feature in your company, feel free to contact us about the possibilities. We develop our software solutions in-house and value innovation and customer expectations.

What is alarm fatigue?

Many engineers or employees working with networks or monitoring them will recognize alarm fatigue. It is also called notification fatigue or alert fatigue, and happens when someone is continuously exposed to excessive amounts of alarms and thus starts to become desensitized to them.  One should actively try to prevent alarm fatigue in order to avoid huge mistakes being made.

Many people will know the story of the boy who cried wolf, which is a perfect example of why you should not allow alarm fatigue to happen. Alarm systems and tickets are not created without a reason, yet deciding which one is worth your time to prevent becoming desensitized and experiencing alert fatigue is crucial and exactly what TripAiku helps you with.

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