We collect, process and create value from your data, throughout our products and services.

We want to make it right!


All our products are vendor-independent and open-source.

  1. Our system is open and does not depend on specific vendors, empowering you to remain flexible and keep choosing the best suppliers
  2. We can combine data from multiple vendors in all our tooling


Imagine being free to choose your equipment and expand it when required, without complex migrations or solving brand and model diversity issues.

That’s what true sustainability looks like!


All our products follow our “Single Source of Truth” principle:

No various versions and misunderstanding as all your knowledge is based on the same source.


Communication is more clear and everyone in the organization, from Management to Engineers and Analysts follows the same facts.

Our products

We provide our services and solutions through our high-quality products

Let’s turn your raw data into value

Enabling sustainable progress, with more control and efficiency through automation.