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Software Consultancy

In the fast and ever-changing world of Information Technology, we can guide you through the complexity and unlimited possibilities. Our consultants have many specializations like Linux transitions and open-source solutions.

Our experts analyze your objectives and advise you on your challenge.


We offer consultancy services on a variety of IT-related subjects. We are Hendrikx ITC (IT Consulting) after all. Some of our specialties include;

  • Data Processing
  • Data Science
  • Data Collection
  • Software development (DevSecOps)
  • Set-up of software development pipelines (CI/CD/CT)

Python 2-3 migration

We have a proven track record with replacing legacy Python 2.x codebases to version Python 3.x.

Since all versions of Python 2 are end-of-life, many organizations are looking to replace the legacy code with a newer version. We help organizations to make the transition between version 2 and 3 a smooth and efficient process.

Need consultancy for your software or data science challenge?

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