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Software development

18 years of software development experience 

Do you want to move forward quickly with your organization?

Innovating with software development is the way to achieve this. But having your own software made also entails uncertainty and difficult choices. How long does it take and what do you end up getting?

Hendrikx ITC is your guide in this adventure. And because we understand you, you will already have the solution in your hands before you know it, exceeding your expectations. Are you coming along?

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Your bottlenecks

Your goal is to solve the bottlenecks inside or outside your organization or to be ahead of them. Bottlenecks such as;

  1. Time wasted due to unnecessary actions within a process
  2. A lot of data but no overview
  3. Errors caused by manual processing of tasks
  4. A slow and inefficient system that annoys customers and colleagues

The consequences can be (too) demanding, like requiring colleagues to work late a lot of times, causing their work-private balance to become vague.

Without a good solution, you lose customers causing the ROI to drop. In the worst case, you end up being overtaken by the biggest competitor.


You don’t let it get that far because here you take the first step towards progress.


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Clients that we develop software for;

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Looking for highly skilled software engineers to develop your solution?

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