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Software Testing

Organizations that want to be successful in the current dynamic environment require a high degree of agility to keep up with the fast-changing needs of customers. For this reason, it is crucial to align the variety of functions within an organization. The required changes have to be implemented swiftly, safely, and accurately.

It is for this reason that Hendrikx ITC adopts both Agile and DevSecOps software development processes to deliver high-quality software in swift sprints.

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Need help with software testing?

Software testing is like second nature to us. We never deploy software without prior testing because quality matters. We would love to help you with testing your software.

This ranges from detecting bugs and fixing errors to testing for other problems in your software (process). Let us know the problems you face and we will find the solution.

    Quality software in 3 steps

    Quality is one of our six core values. We guarantee software quality by working with proven development processes like CI/CD/CT pipelines.

    CI, CD, and CT are the 3 big Cs of Agile Software Development. CI stands for Continuous Innovation, CD for Continuous Development, and CT for Continuous Testing.

    Basically, it allows to consistently deliver code deployments at fast speeds without compromising on quality. If you want to know more about our processes, feel free to reach out to us.

    Don’t deploy untested software

    Looking for highly skilled software engineers to test your software? At Hendrikx ITC you can rely on a professional partner. Get in touch and we will help you.