Our solution

Internet of Things

We enable innovation!

Technology is evolving rapidly, and we help you to keep up.

Industry 4.0 is happening and we enable you to be part of it.

Together, we enable your digital eco-system to grow, to fit your purpose.
Due to our smart scalability and modularity, even your small solution or quick fix, can scale up to a robust platform, but doesn’t have to.
Our philosophy will make you futureproof no matter what your challenge is.

Our solutions for IoT:
Smart industry
Citizen science
Smart city

Smart industry

Real-time insight and control

Evolving industrial performance by engaging automation as the bridge between the digital and physical environment.

Manage and monitor your devices, sensors and machines from a single source of truth enabling machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).


Citizen science

Engage involved citizens

Citizens want their contribution to be visible for themselves and to others.

Show what their participation adds to the whole and their addition does to the goal.

We make it easy and valuable, so participation becomes fun and irresistible!


Smart city

View and control your sensors

Enable your city to continuously become smarter.

Interconnect all your initiatives and innovations in one open vendor-independent system.

We assure your quality, security, and sustainability.

You’ll get city dashboards with combined city data that gains more insight and is more usable.

We enable you to work smart and effective by automation of administration and inventory.

Our products

Let’s turn your raw data into value

Enabling sustainable progress, with more control and efficiency through automation.