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[Webinar] Dark NOC: Reality, Hype, Future or Myth?

The subject of a Dark NOC (Network Operations Center) is becoming increasingly popular in the Telco industry. The Dark NOC itself is the ultimate goal of network operations automation.

We have been automating numerous aspects of the work of network operations engineers, but in recent years, the ultimate goal of a “Dark NOC” has started to seem like an attainable goal.

The advent of advanced machine learning algorithms, growing promises of autonomy in areas like mobility and other automation developments have made it look like a goal that should be within reach soon. So when can we expect to turn off the light in the NOC?

Ad Hendrikx (JADS Data Expert Program and current CEO of Hendrikx ITC) and Alfred Blokland (CTO of Hendrikx ITC) will present the webinar.

They have a proven track record in the fields of Machine Learning, Data Science, and with large networks like IoT and Telecommunications.

Join our 30-minute webinar for free on the 26th of April at 11:00 AM CEST. You can subscribe either by using the LinkedIn registration form or by submitting the form on our website below.

The following topics will be discussed;

  • What is a Dark NOC and why does it matter?
  • State of current solutions and innovations
  • Challenges of a Dark NOC and how to overcome them

You can ask any questions during or after the webinar.

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