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Webinar Traffic Congestion Prediction in Networks

Would you like to know more about Machine Learning technology that helps you keep your (network) services operational and maintain your SLA? Then don’t miss out on the important subject of Traffic Congestion Prediction. 

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Ad Hendrikx (former JADS Data Expert Program graduate and current CEO of Hendrikx ITC) will present the webinar. He has a proven track record in the fields of Machine Learning, Data Science, and Smart/ Telecommunication Networks.

Join our 30-minute webinar for free on the 22nd of February at 11:00 AM CET. You can subscribe either by using the LinkedIn registration form or by submitting the form on our website below.

The following topics will be discussed;

• Cell clustering based on type
• Data science projects with CRISP-DM
• Dealing with imbalanced data sets
• Definition of traffic congestion
• Feature selection
• Framing the problem (regression or binary classification)
• Prediction on the long term and short term
• Why traffic congestion happens

You can ask any questions during or after the webinar.

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