Webinar Traffic Congestion Prediction

Hendrikx ITC is hosting our newest Webinar on Thursday 25th of March from 11:00 – 11:30, where we will be talking about Traffic Congestion Prediction.

Controlling the performance of your Telecom networks can prove challenging due to Traffic Congestion. Discovering the causes of Traffic Congestion, or even better, looking at the possibilities of predicting Traffic Congestion can enable you to keep your KPIs more stable. It will also help you keep your customers satisfied. After all, you want to maintain your current SLA level and to offer your customers better reliability of your performance.

To help you get more insight into the problem of traffic congestion, we will be explaining the definition of Traffic Congestion. We will be shedding some light on data science projects with CRISP-DM and share some of our experience with problem framing (regression or binary classification). We will also discuss the topics of prediction in the long term and short term, feature selection, dealing with imbalanced data sets, and cell clustering based on type.

Interested? Do not hesitate to sign up for free. You can register via our website by clicking here, or you can visit our event page on LinkedIn and let us know that you will be joining our Traffic Congestion Prediction Webinar.

We look forward to seeing you on March 25th!